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About Root Genie™

The Root Genie™ Garden Nozzle is a patented water wand that conserves water and delivers the water to the roots of all plants, flowers and shrubs. This is vital to new and established flower gardens, container gardens, vegetable gardens and shrubs and trees. The Root Genie™ Garden Nozzle is made from aircraft quality aluminum, so it will never rust and it is extremely durable and easy to use. There are no moving parts so leaking will not be a problem. Typically water nozzles are made to water/wash your car, boat, house and everything in between.

It’s time to purchase a watering nozzle that was designed and made to be used in your gardens!

Money Back Guarantee

We know your plants will love the Root Genie™ Garden Nozzle but we are so sure you will love it as well we are offering a one year satisfaction warranty that if your not completely satisfied with the Root Genie’s™ Garden Nozzle's performance return it and we will refund 100% of the cost of the Root Genie Garden Nozzle!

The Dream Garden

The design of the Root Genie™ Garden Nozzle will revolutionize how all flower, container and vegetable gardens will be watered and cared for with:
Conserves Water
Less Weeds
Healthier Plants
Aerates Soil
Never Leaks
Easy To Use

How it works

The lower section of the Root Genie™ Garden Nozzle has an opened piercing end. This allows the Root Genie™ Garden Nozzle to be easily inserted into most soil types creating a mini reservoir to hold the water and also aerates the soil. The end of the Root Genie™ Garden Nozzle is open so that the soil will clog the hole at the bottom, forcing the water out of the 22-precision cut laser holes. The holes at the lowest section of the Root Genie™ Garden Nozzle are larger, allowing for more water volume to reach the established roots. The smaller holes further up the Root Genie™ Garden Nozzle will water the “feeder roots”. This ensures that the water is adequately supplied to your flowers and plants throughout its root system.

What Customers say

Watering my garden has never been easier since using the Root Genie™. No more wasteful water runoff. It goes straight to the roots!
N. Trodgen
I’ve made a career out of selling and buying flowers and I can say that the Root Genie™ is truly a innovative water tool that will change how people water and care for their gardens of all types!
G. Wright
Sunflowers are my favorite flower and using the Root Genie™ really makes them shine and me happy!
Maggie Hughes
I love container gardening and the Root Genie™ makes watering my containers on the deck and in the garden so much easier. Now I’m actually getting water in the container / pots and not my deck!
Nicki Moore

Supporting good causes

Hi, I’m Lutz Reissmann, the inventor of Root Genie™. My love for gardens started with my parents but specifically my Mom. My Mom was an avid gardener and loved being outside. Her favorite garden type where rose gardens! So, it’s no surprise that the home my parents purchased in ’73 was called “Rose Acres”. The previous owner was a landscape architect. He creatively and carefully designed acres filled with fruit trees, evergreens, flowering trees and shrubs and of course rose bushes. Two hundred and seventy-three roses bushes to be exact. My mom was in Heaven when she saw this property and when the roses where in full bloom it smelled like Heaven!

Gardening and life come with a set of challenges that can be very rewarding and also devastating. My mom was a breast cancer survivor and also suffered from dementia before she passed away. Sadly, she never got to see my Root Genie™. But it’s because of my mom I share her passion for gardening and her distain for weeding as she would always say, “Boy, I wish my flowers would grow as fast as these weeds.”

In honor of all families effected by breast cancer and dementia I will donate ten percent of the profits of Root Genie to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Dementia Society of America.

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